Is he doing this on purpose?

Okay so a guy I work with we had a fling and he called it off.
I started to move on from him and he starts to do things that have me a bit confused. Did he move on too or is he trying to get my attention again.
First he says he likes a girl right around the same time I changed my status to ''in a relationship''.
He posted a girls name calling her out, this girl is married with a baby.
Then I posted a quote and he posted something similar to what I had posted.
To makes things sound even more weird he has been having this group chat with friends and I am in the chat but don't speak, he said ''I like a girl at work, I like her a little. But don't say her name.''
Truth is, if he's moved on and is happy why are these things happening just as soon as I get into a relationship? does he think it will affect me? is it a control issue or am i overthinking this situation?
please help because his behavior is stupid. If I like someone and I am in a closed group chat I would say the persons name, we all know each other personally.

Note: he is the one who called it off, and is now starting to behave like this.
Is he doing this on purpose?
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