My girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago, how to help the depression that comes with being dumped by someone you loved?

I was with my girlfriend for 11 months. We had a big fight, our first real one, and she could not forgive me, even after apologizing, giving her time, and trying to make it work. I guess she just lost interest from there. I still think about her a lot, but the door seems closed for good. Now, I am depressed and rethinking everything. Can someone give me advice to aid the depression I am in because of this?


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  • Break ups suck. I think if you truly know it is over, you have to treat it like a death (sorry to sound morbid) but you have to "let your heart heal" in order to do that YOU have to close the door all the way. The best way to do that is NO CONTACT. Remove yourself from Social Media accounts of the person, take number out of phone, etc... Quit going back, and most importantly don't question yourself... if things are to work out they will, if not, keep very busy doing something you enjoy, and good things will come. Keeping busy all the time is key to getting out of depression. I just went through this in March, started walking daily, and have lost 50 lbs! You can do it!


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  • be yourself dont let the emotion take over you.
    now it time to takecare of yourself.
    as time goes by it will b normal again nt completely but bareable.
    well it happens to everyone bt as time goes it will heal if you think about youself for now.

    take care


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  • Breakups are so painful. You go through the same grieving process as someone who's loved one has died. You feel a huge sense of loss, but you also feel the hurt of rejectiion too. Rejection can lower your self-esteem and make you feel worthless and unlovable

    People tend to keep their pain raw because they reminisce on what was, and dwell on their pain and what could have been. That's why its important to keep active and your mind focused on things other than her. Every time you think about her focus your mind on something else

    You can't just shut off your feelings for someone , it takes time, but time doesn't heal the pain... It's what you do with your time which heals it. Gradually your feels will fade and the pain will ease, but you have to be patient with yourself. There's no quick remedy for a broken heart , but hearts do heal but only when you can accept what is and let go of what was

  • Take this as a learning experience to see what you really want in a woman. Plenty of quality women.


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