He said I deserve someone better?

Well, lately I have been having arguments with my long term boyfriend. He complains a lot and all his negativity is starting to bug me. He complains about the traffic, about his job, everything. So I can't help but to feel uncomfortable around him and obviously, he notices than I'm being unhappy. He told me this morning that I should leave because he thinks he will never make me happy and he doesn't know what to do. I told him that he should change his negative attitude, but he says that he loves me a lot and that I should look for someone else.

I try to cheer him up, to make him see the good side of all his problems but sometimes I feel like I can't do a thing to bright up his day so I end up being silent and listening to his complaints.

Now I feel like this was a warning and I'm the problem :(

What to do?


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  • Is he always like this? Or are there times when he acts the complete opposite and this seems to come more in phases?

    If it's more like the latter then perhaps he should be checked out by a doctor.

    • Hey there! thanks for the response! He is a nice guy, he is not like that always but only on certain topics of his life, like his job (He is currently unhappy there) and the things he wants to do but can't because of time/money. I tell him to quit his job and find something else, or do stuff to make him happier. I believe that if you want people to be happy around you, you have to start with yourself. He can be a big procrastinator :/

      Thanks again!

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