How do I get rid of psychopath ex boyfriend once and for all if the cops won't grant me a restraining order?

When we dated he hacked my computers. He was super controlling and he'd stalk me through my emails and gps. After an abusive 2 years of his shit he dumped me and "magically" became a drag queen and asked out his friend and screwed a girl he met through me and his ex. The friend rejected him but him and his friends continued to keep tabs on me. I got sick of it so I narked on him to get him off my back and he continued to bother me. His friend would call me and tell me all the things he did behind my back and even when I was away 2 hours at school my ex would try to text me and say things in obscure terms. I figured he didn't want me back so I never pushed the issue since the day we broke up but even though he knows i know he's hacking my shit and I'm aware his friends are in on it Bc of things I've heard from other people he won't come out and admit what he's doing. He ignored my texts when I confronted him and he posts and deletes things on Facebook that pertain to me. I'm sick and tired of him and I want him to stop but the cops offer no help, they'll try to send me to the psych ward if I tell them he's hacking me and even when I change my number he still fucks with my fb posts and emails and apps. I really want him gone and I'm considering narking on him again to get him to go the fuck away. I'm just sick of it. we will be broken up 5 years in January and judging by his Facebook posts I know he wants me to come see him but I don't want to bother with him because he has already admitted to being at least a narcissist and everytime I interact with him he says things to purposely get on my nerves and make me jealous and I know he wouldn't stop even if I asked him to.


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  • You need to stop being a wuss and take control of your life if you want this to change! You're a 26 year old adult woman, not a teenager, you have to proactive and aggressive for your own self-interests.

    "Narking" as you put it doesn't deter these sorts of people, it only fuels their fire. In order to actually get away from him you need to take real steps to eliminate contact with him and his circle of friends. This means making a number of significant changes to how you operate:


    2. Close your Facebook and other social accounts and replace them with new, completely private accounts with no identifying information whatsoever. Only add back the friends and family who you absolutely trust and who are not in anyway connected to him.

    3. Change your cell phone number and keep it to yourself except for a few trusted family members. Then get a Google Voice number associated to your phone and give that number out to your friends. Look at how you can use Google Voice to lock down who can actually call you, and aggressively cull any friends who leak your info to your ex. (They aren't your friend.)

    4. Get a completely new email address, and give it out only to people you want to have it. Or, if your existing email account lets you filter by address in your contact list, turn on that filter and make sure your contact list contains the only the email address you wish to receive email from.

    5. IRL, break contact with mutual friends that both you and your ex share. They are a source of information for him and you don't need people in your life who are willing to sell you out him.

    6. Stop thinking that the police can do anything to help you with this. They can only help if a crime has been committed. They are not your body guards nor your unruly mob of white knights.

    7. If he does start making real threat to you, hire a lawyer who will work for your interests using the legal system. It won't be free, but it is always a good thing to have a lawyer waiting in the wings to come to your aid.

    Good luck.

  • I think leecifer kind of nailed it on the head. You need to sever all contact with this guy and anyone connected to him. It's the only way it's going to end.

  • Sniper rifle


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