Guys, Why hasn't my ex contacted me for a week?

Our break up was messy and we haven't contacted each other for a week. My best friend spoke to him to get a feel of how he is and she said that he felt guilty of what he did and he doesn't know if I'll forgive him, but that he's still not sure of what he wants.

We've been together for a year. He's my first serious (and therefore longest) relationship. I'm his first girlfriend. Recently, he got very busy with school to the point that he couldn't make time for me and that's when it all started spiralling down. We go to different schools so we have different circle of friends and lifestyles.

I guess being around other girls got him confused because they're more convenient than me...

He told my best friend it's unfair for him to keep me when he's so unsure of himself. He thinks that he can't make me happy anymore and that I'm better of with someone else who is also convenient for me.

I love this guy. I understand now, after a week of not seeing and talking to him, where he's coming from. There's so much he wants to do but he's not sure which. And I was also being unfair for not giving him the time to think things through to the point that I pushed him away.

So I just want to know if there's still a chance. Right now, I still want a second chance.

This guy worked hard to be with me and he's proven many times he loves me. I would like to believe that this is a rough patch and I have to remain strong to show him that I also still love him and care for him and am willing to work things out. So I'm giving him the space, not just for him but also for myself.

I just can't help but bite my lips over the fact that there's no contact from him at all... I know you guys aren't telepathic but I still want to know your take.

A week sounds so short, especially to those who haven't experienced a break up, but it feels like months to me already.


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  • "I guess being around other girls got him confused because they're more convenient than me..."

    HAHAHAHAHHAA. What a pitiful excuse. If that's all it took for him to be "confused", then you were never the one.

  • He's your ex. As such, he doesn't need to contact you. He moved on with his life. You need to also.


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