My ex fling keeps coming back to me?

Here is the 411. ... I hooked up with this guy a year ago . He ended up getting back with his ex girlfriend. He came back into my life on feb 1,2010. He told me that his relationship was shaky. I casually talk to him . We haven't had sex, since last year. On valentines day he pops up at my house. I ask him where his girlfriend is . According to him he doesn't know where she is . I told him that he can only come back , when he doesn't have a girlfriend. He came back to my house on his birthday feb 21. why does he keep coming back to me when he has a girlfriend ? He also told me that I was too kinky. If that is the case why does he keep coming back ? Please be as honest as possible .. thank you


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  • A single girl that's too kinky? WTF! That just can't be true. lol

    Next time you talk to him tell him you want to get married and start having children right away. Like over the weekend. That will scare the crap out of him and he will run for the hills.


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  • i had a guy like that

    and honestly, I don't know why they keep coming back but if you keep rejecting them they will eventually go away trust me

    my guy cheated on me so ya and I found out after the third time we tried dating he said he kept coming back too me cause he was in love, but we had never slept together or even kissed! so girl I don't know I think its a guy thing