Why would my ex ask me if I were seeing anyone, dating?

I were seeing anyone, dating?

We were together 7 years, broke up last June. We have only had a couple e-mail correspondence, every other month or so since then, but neither of us have ever mentioned anything as potentially awkward as this yet.

he broke up with me.

Also, mainly if you are a dude, have you ever asked an ex if she is seeing anyone, and why did you ask?

I am seeing someone btw.

i understand the easiest an obvious answer is 'who cares move on', but it's also the most boring.


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  • It could just be out of curiosity. There's no jealousy or anger behind the question, but rather just an interest to see if you're moving on well or just as a general point. Relationships are a big part of our lives and if this was any other person asking it wouldn't feel weird. Granted he is your ex, but even so if you've spent 7 years of your life with him you're going to wonder how your ex is doing, and relationships are just a part of that "doing".

    • I told him I was seeing someone, he has now asked me to meet up for sex... what do I make of this?

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