Girls, heart broken again?

Why does. She always cheat on me and lie we got together. When we wer 22 she had two kids from other relationships we ended up having our own together 4 years she left me the first time for anouther man it didn't work he just used her then got back together cheating never stoped or the lies I just put up with it because I love my kids. So much and her always made to feel like it's my fault then we split again. Total times we split is 6 lol bad I know give up I know but I love. The kids and her so much Anyways. We split and she gets with this new guy 4 days after I leave he moves I. This is her everything cause he left his wife and kid for her he hates our kids then he ended up leaveing her pregnant. So of course. She calls me I go back try make it work she begs me to come back she messed up so broke. And crying do counceling all that book are wedding ty have anouther kid Well before we move into are new house she has a miscarage and tells me it wasn't mine I let it go. Day we finish moving. In she doesn't come home that night breaks up with me next day turns out whole time she never stoped with him moved him in day. I left. Why does she want a man that doesn't work left his own family doesn't like our kids told her to give them to me and run away with him why does she always cheat on me why does she always leave me and come back why does she want this guy. So bad she give up everything with me man raised. Kids had our own always been faithful to her stuck bye her side. Threw everything. Never gave up chased her for over a year trying make it work with her why can't she stop cheating but for him she does she will do anything to please him but a father that raised. Two kids had one of our own and do anything and everything. For them she wants nothing todo with md is now so happy with him and just hates me for no reason and blames me for all her money and problems when she made all this happen I just wanted my family tried for a year now help


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  • This woman has zero respect for herself and is searching for situations that help her feel something. Your kind love does not. She only keeps using you because she knows she can. When you start loving her the way she wants to be loved, you will maybe get through to her. Do not let her in. Do not welcome her. Only care for the children. Be tough on her. You are allowing this.

    • All I do is love and care. For her and my kids I don't treat her like shit. She always accused me of cheating. Or tells me she's scared I am going to. Cheat or leave her like everyone els has or use. Her when we got together. Up to that. Day. Reason she got with. Me was cause I am all about family and want a family and will do anything to provide. For my family and protect. Them. I would die befor I let them down. I don't get. Why she would rather be with a guy. That cheated with her cheated on her. And doesn't like are kids or takes care of his own I used. To be her world with the kids. Then some how I became nothing doesn't shed. A tear or a single care like I am such a horrible person used to love. My redneck ways and dress then everything. Became a issue for her no matter what I did. Or say nothing good enough. Figured. This new house move away. Al that make it better. Or seeing a man go threw hell for her and the kids mean something let alone stepping up and raise

    • Them and be a father the one the kids always come to and love and won't let me see them anymore. They cry when they do see me I try to reach out and see them or talk she won't let me I still get our kid but as for them no contact with them

  • She seems like she has some type of thrive on the attention. She does not respect you, because you keep allowing her back. Stand tall, take a stand (yes it will hurt, "tough love of any kind always does..." but quit letting her cut your heart. Don't chase her, let her go, if she falls, let her fall. It sounds like you are both co-dependent, get on with life without her, if she fixes her own issues, maybe it can work down the road. Tell her you can't be apart of her drama and life any longer... I know it seems hard, but I deal with addiction in my family, and I have had to do this in other ways, so trust me when I say, letting go will help YOU!

    • It's very hard cause she knows I care and miss. Kids and family and when I don't give in. Anytime Ther is a problem just makes it more difficult. For the kid we had together she already. Took my two step daughters I raised and that see me as there father won't let them call or see me wouldn't even let me wish them happy birthday She knows family means everything. To me

    • I also. Do not text call her have her blocked and all friends everything possible. To make distance I don't bother msging when my child is with them for two reasons one I know she won't let me talk to him or pass the message along. Least one a week of not. More since we split this time. Bout a month now since I left and he moved back in I try everything possible. Not to talk to her engage in any sort of conversation. Or see them msged her once about him being sick. But when she goes off its about don't love me hates me never loved me loved him so long or needs money. She's struggling. It's so hard with out me Ther so happy or guilting me into something because I don't cave in anymore Or say this is why we can't be together. Cause. You get mad at me of course I do think anyone gets mad when Ther faithful and Ther partner is not

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