I want to be over this feeling it seriously hurts so much. Please help, I'm desperate. Why do I feel so sick about this?

I was a moron and called my ex over one night and he came over took me grocery shopping (I don't have a car nor money so he was being really nice) He made it so clear he doesn't want to be with me like he doesn't love me and I don't think he ever did. I'm about 99% sure he only said that he did because I was the first girl that was head over heels for him, like I seriously love/loved everything about him. Anywayssss he always looks at my snapchat stories and when we were trying to be friends he told me that he was jealous that I went out on a date. He said that he was on a dating site and no girls ever message him back or anything which he told me this a week ago. I went onto snapchat today and he posted a picture of him and this girl.. I didn't open the snap I don't want him to know I seen it and the thought of him sitting with this girl makes me absolutely sick. I want to throw up. I don't understand why it makes me feel so sick. I do still have feelings for him but I'm really trying to get over him because he clearly doesn't like me I don't want him to have the satisfaction of me still liking him. I just don't want him to be with anyone. I don't like seeing him happy. I don't like the idea of being happy with a girl that isn't me. I'm mad at myself for being so stupid to trust him when he promised he was a good guy and that he never wants to hurt me which it turns out all he does is hurt and manipulate and belittle me. I'm a moron for wanting to be with someone like that but he made me believe that I'll never be good enough for anyone because I'm so 'awkward' and 'annoying' he is the only one who has ever told me I hate that I believe him so much. I guess when someone you absolutely loves tells you you something you tend to believe it... How do I get rid of this pit in my stomach. I'm so tired of feeling like this! It's been like this for almost two months now. It just won't go away!!!


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  • Best way for you to get over this is to realize that he told you he does not want to be with you. That is an honest truth. He knows you like him and likes the attention and that's it. He knows that he could use you for anything and you'll be there. When you let that go, then you can start looking for a new guy. Open yourself to someone that will like you... awkwardness and all.

    • I know and he pulled me along as much as he could... I even drove him to get him a new car while he sat on snapchat opening snaps of this girl who sent him a pic chest down (fully clothed) and said I was bored so I pierced my nipples and he showed me the picture too.. I wish I wasn't there for him I regret it all. Now he's with that girl or at least went on a date with this girl and now that he has her he doesn't need me. Being used is the worst feeling ever.

    • I know it doesn't ease your pain to say that I know how you feel, but I and million other women know exactly how you feel. It's a terrible feeling. Fortunately, we grow out of that hurt. Instead of thinking about him being with that girl, think about how sorry you feel that she gets to have a terrible guy like him. Also, he has freed you and made you available to someone that does love you. You don't feel it now, but get some rest and tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, choose to let him go from your head. It will all work out.

    • That's what I'm trying to do. She's soooo pretty like prettier than me and anyone can do better than him he honestly isn't cute at all, when I showed my family a pic of him they all just went oh awkwardly and say he's not bad looking. I'd always say I'm not stupid I know he is ugly. I hope to god this girl though rips his heart out. I really don't want her to be hurt by him but I also don't want him to be happy with her. I want him to be alone forever and I know that is awful and doesn't help me one bit it can make this all worse.. I try so hard to get him out of my head but then something about him always pops up. All of my favorite songs just remind me of him and it makes me so mad.

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  • Get a job n a car n stop calling him

  • If he made it clear he doesn't want to be with you. You have to accept that.

    Stop talking to him, block him on snapchat and go no contact.

    You have to work on yourself, keep busy, work on getting a car? Job? School? Just keep yourself distracted.

    • I know I haven't talked to him since last Saturday... I just had a little hope he was still feeling something I don't know... I have but its really hard to distract myself when literally everything reminds me of him. I don't even like listening to my favorite bands because that's what I'd listen to on my drives to his place.. My car is in the shop they just have get it fixed already, and it's pretty impossible around here to not have a car to get to places.

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  • He verbally abused you when you were dating and knocked down you self esteem to make himself feel better. Don't let him win. Move on chat with other guys. Things will get better.

    • I'm trying not to let him. I'm just one of those girls that want to be the one that he was actually settled down with. I wanted to make him a better person. As much as him and I are different we are so much a like.. I moved on and actually went on a date with a guy and that night my ex texted me all this if you really love me you'd come over whenever you see this and cuddle me blah blah.. which I was dumb enough to do that because I thought it was him wanting to be with me and realizing he made the mistake of letting me go but then he's like no I just want to be friends and I yelled at him for using the word love to me because he knew that I loved him so much. So he and I were in this friends with benefits stage and it was torturing me and he belittled me a ton I told him that I just hated life and he told me to never contact him again because my vibes are bringing him down, way to make it worse, when he'd tell me all the time how ugly he was and I comforted him and told him he wasn't but he really is

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    • I know I'm trying really hard to not think about the good so much but then it just gets me very angry and I want to punch walls but that doesn't do any good... I'm feeling better by talking about it but I don't want that to be how I feel better about it because I don't want to have to keep bringing him up just to get over him, I don't think that's how that works at all. I get that he never loved me like he even told me he never did I'm fed up with myself that I love someone who flat out told me they don't love me.

    • Hey but sometimes you need to vent those emotions. Hit me up anytime.

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