How to tell someone I don't want a long distance relationship?

Ok, so I met this guy online.
He is so nice, sweet and caring.
The only trouble is he lives so far away, he asked me if this was an issue, but I said no, thinking I could handle it.
Turns out, I cannot and so need to tell him, but how do I?
We have skyped online, and were planning to meet up soon


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  • Try something like this:
    "You seem like a good guy, but as I think about it more, the long-distance aspect just isn't going to work for me. I hope you can understand."


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  • If you have never met him, just say, "No matter thanks. I prefer to find someone near me." It's really no big deal.

    • I just feel so guilty so as I feel as if I led him on, saying I was ok (which at the time I thought I was..). Should I feel this guilty?

    • Don't be. Long distance "relationships" are a joke. Trust me.

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  • Say "I don't think a LDR is a good idea and it won't be good for either of us." Just be straightforward and honest.

  • "Sorry I can't do an ldr"


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