Was it wrong for me to drunk text my ex?

The other night I was out with some friends I drunk text my ex. Its been months since the last time we spoke. He ghosted me and I was really hurt. I been talking to him see what he's been up to or ask hows he been but he would get distant and barely spoke to me so I just stopped talking to him. Couple weeks ago out of the blue he text me and asked how I was doing and thought about me because he was nearby my house. This really upset me because all the sudden he wanted to talk to me when i wanted to talk to him before and he wouldn't talk to me. I been doing good getting over him til that day he texted me out of the blue. I'm really upset at it still. I drunk text my ex saying hey whats up and of course i never heard back from him. I text him whenever he wants to talk to me i talk to him and when i do he doesn't. at least you can say hi to me instead being an a-hole and leading me on messing with my feelings and wish he never texted me that day cuz i been doing good without him. Of course he didn't reply and i called him a jerk and other mean things. Was it wrong for me to drunk text him? I know i shouldn't text him at all he just pisses me off since he contacted me few weeks ago. Never heard back of course just need to get what i been feeling off my chest.


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  • yeah probably. just get rid of his number. its for the best.

    • thanks! already did when i saw the text from last night

    • That a girl!!

  • Oh, he's not shit. Really. He's not a guy anyone should shed a tear over. Find yourself someone real. I'm sorry he hurt you.


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