When do you consider it is over?

When do you end things with someone? How do you make the decision to let go of your feelings? If you know the person likes you back but nothing just works and you get hurt all the time, when do you stop hoping it will get better?
I have almost let go of this guy I love, he just hurt me with his complicated lifestyle and we never even got to the dating part. I think he might have loved me too, maybe not as much as I loved him, but he showed strong feelings for me anyways. Now I am finally starting to drift away from the deep feelings I had for him.
I blocked him everywhere and it gets easier to block the feelings too. I have cried a river and dreamt about him every second night, but now I feel complete and good without him too. It is just that sometimes I get this urge to tell him how I feel/felt. I just know it probably wouldn't change anything, so I don't. But can I just let go? WOULD YOU JUST LET GO?
When do you consider it is over?
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