To be or not to be Friend zone?

I met a local in Hawaii & instantly liked him he was very sweet & also not cocky & he is a surfer. He asked me to hang out with that night I met him & he wanted to take me to this spot by Waikiki on our way there he started pouring out his emotions & getting to know each other Everything was great till he said his dad is on life support & that he was happy that he can hang out with someone that's not from the island since I guess everyone knows everyone in Hawaii. Then we drove to Sandy Beach I'm from Miami I moved to Seattle & I've been in Seattle for a few years now and beach + stars yeah cannot beat that it was like a movie. I was really digging him he was digging me we kissed long story short we had sex a few times. I never ever ever in my life have sex with strangers. It was great & ever since that night we saw each other every single day. I didn't mention to him when I was leaving since I respected the fact his dad can pass anytime soon & I want him to be there. So when I went to the airport I posted a pic on insta that I was on my flight home. He called me & that he was on the way to the airport to say goodbye it was like a movie and screaming like a little girl in the airport can get everybody staring. Anyways it was a really sad good bye. Fast fwd to when I got back home he was distant didn't really talk to me which was fine since I should be the last person on his mind. Then one night just emotions came over &I told him i liked him, he didn't say it back he said he had a great time with me and pretty much that's it & he did admit he just wanted to be friends. His dad passed away a few days later & I just wanted to be there for him but he didn't make no mind of me especially pretty much Im a stranger I became mushy texted him a lot & basically asking if he's ok I get no response, im going back to Hawaii for my sisters engagement not sure if I should I tell him that im back in town or reconnect with him or just move on?


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  • If I were you I'd leave a text saying I'm in Hawaii and if he's interested in meeting up he could text back. Unless that ruins your experience there. I mean, just waiting for a text back when you're there for your sister kinda sucks. Otherwise I'd say you've done all you can do. His situation is difficult and it might impact his desire to see you again and what not. It's up to him in the end. If he feels that he wants to see you again, he will.

    Just thought about this: What if you Post another photo on instagram saying you're going back to Hawaii *Insert 80s Love song* that'd give him a chance to reconnect with you if he feels like it.

    • Yeah thank you that's very true also i feel like ill always be that "tourist he met" and girls should be the last thing in his mind since his dad passed. I'll just give him space.

      and haha I love that idea!! i will definitely do that

  • why don't u just move to Hawaii. problem solved.

    • I wish but Im in school right now and won't be till a few years till I finish college :/

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    • haha not a chance im in the friend zone right now lol

    • answer my question=pp

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