To be or not to be Friend zone?

I met a local in Hawaii & instantly liked him he was very sweet & also not cocky & he is a surfer. He asked me to hang out with that night I met him & he wanted to take me to this spot by Waikiki on our way there he started pouring out his emotions & getting to know each other Everything was great till he said his dad is on life support & that he was happy that he can hang out with someone that's not from the island since I guess everyone knows everyone in Hawaii. Then we drove to Sandy Beach I'm from Miami I moved to Seattle & I've been in Seattle for a few years now and beach + stars yeah cannot beat that it was like a movie. I was really digging him he was digging me we kissed long story short we had sex a few times. I never ever ever in my life have sex with strangers. It was great & ever since that night we saw each other every single day. I didn't mention to him when I was leaving since I respected the fact his dad can pass anytime soon & I want him to be there. So when I went to the airport I posted a pic on insta that I was on my flight home. He called me & that he was on the way to the airport to say goodbye it was like a movie and screaming like a little girl in the airport can get everybody staring. Anyways it was a really sad good bye. Fast fwd to when I got back home he was distant didn't really talk to me which was fine since I should be the last person on his mind. Then one night just emotions came over &I told him i liked him, he didn't say it back he said he had a great time with me and pretty much that's it & he did admit he just wanted to be friends. His dad passed away a few days later & I just wanted to be there for him but he didn't make no mind of me especially pretty much Im a stranger I became mushy texted him a lot & basically asking if he's ok I get no response, im going back to Hawaii for my sisters engagement not sure if I should I tell him that im back in town or reconnect with him or just move on?
To be or not to be Friend zone?
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