How to talk to an ex who completely broke your heart?

We dated for a year and I sensed him checking out. He wasn't making time for me anymore or making me feel like a priority. I messaged him about it and he acted like we make the most of the time we do have together but it wasn't true and I said ethat which made him really upset. He stopped talking to me for 3 days and I asked why we were fighting. He felt that no matter what he did I am never happy (was not the case and didn;t make any sense) he then said it's not working out and that was the last I heard from him. months went by without a single peep from him. He wouldn't respond to my messages, calls or anything. I asked for my items back and he never replied. Nothing. 2 months after this I see he's hanging out with his co-worker and hear they are dating. I wasn't shocked because he talked about her a few times but at the same time never saw her as a threat. I was devastated because I think he left me to be with this girl. 2 months after that I see him on tinder and decide to swipe right. He messaged me and I was super snarky at first but he told me how he made a huge mistake and how he feels really guilty about what he did to me. He has no idea what pain he put me through. I went weeks not being able to sleep or eat and when I would sleep I would cry myself to sleep, wake up after 4 hours and not be able to go to sleep again. I was in an emotionally/physically unhealthy state. Anyway, we get to talking and start remembering the good times and that we both miss each other. It was almost like I had forgotten about all those bad things because I had missed having him be a part in my life and liked having that back. He wants to go to lunch tomorrow to talk and give my items back. How do I talk to him? I don't want to make it easy for him but I'm scared and nervous that I will give him the impression it's okay to wrong me, when it is not, I want him to realize how much of a jerk he was and possibly have him want to work on it to make things work for us again. Advice?
How to talk to an ex who completely broke your heart?
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