I miss my ex; should I message her again sometime soon?

The factors involved, to make a long story a bit shorter:

1) She dumped me a few weeks ago, it hurt like hell, but I understood why she did it - she even said that I "didn't do anything wrong."

2) She still wanted to be friends, and so did I.

3) I didn't want our relationship to end, and I made that very clear on the day that she decided that we would break up. I tried to make her see that it wasn't a must, but she insisted, and so it happened.

4) We stayed in touch for almost three weeks after we broke up; during this time, she repeatedly talked about a guy she knows (that she's never introduced me to) and of how she can't wait for him to go visit her. This hurt me, because I still loved her the same way, and she knew it.

5) During those three weeks, she said that a) she missed our relationship, b) didn't know if we would get together again, c) was considering getting back together again, and d) was considering the possibility of eventually getting with that guy she would tell me about, once she gets through the issues that made her break up with me.

6) (And I know how this one's gonna make things sound, don't worry; spit at me if you must) I already basically ended our friendship, because I tried to make her understand that it hurt me whenever she told me that she wanted that guy to visit her. Essentially it came down to me asking her if she'd rather have ME around, or HIM around; she said that that was unfair, and she was unable to make a decision herself, she just stayed quiet for what felt like a lifetime...

So I pretty much told her that the friendship had to end, because I still loved her like I used to and her not wanting to be with me anymore hurt every day that I knew that it wasn't the same anymore for her.

I know, guys. It's all one gigantic mess, I've already ended things. I'm an idiot, she's a bitch, we're BOTH idiots... I know how this all looks and sounds.

But god fucking damnit, I miss her...

What would you do/have done?
I miss my ex; should I message her again sometime soon?
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