I am so lonely... What can I do?

So my girlfriend recently broke up with me, i had a healty life till now had a lot of friends but i moved to a new place with my girlfriend and all my friends were in different town, i left my job to start my own company which is doing good,
Making my living, eating food, going to gym but the people i talked to are no more here my girlfriend left me because we were having fights she was the only person i talked to the whole day noone else, my friends are still der they message me sometime and i do too but no human contact other than my employees... What can i do
Is it just the breakup because its been just a week.. i am sucidal atm...


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  • Research Jeb Bush.
    Also try to give me an answer to this question: Why is drake a rapper?

  • Turn the page and focus on the other side of life.

  • get a pet


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