I need help, I am lost right now (?

I lost my girlfriend today and I am crushed. She stabbed me in my back, she never took me serious, or our relationship...

I need someone to talk to, I need something in my life. I have nothing...

I need something in my life... I was depressed before this happened, and things keep getting worse...


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  • Just be thankful you aren't still with a girl you thought you deserved. Only time determines someone's true character. You now know hers. Move on from anyone who doesn't have your best interests at heart.

    Don't allow her to control your state of mind. It won't serve you any purpose at all. Why allow another person to cause you to sink further into depression.

    • Why allow it? Good question
      However her character changed to this after she had a lot happen to her, and I know it isn't her...

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    • I guess as long as she's living under their roof shell continue to be under their influence and control

    • yes, and it seems like her family is indoctrinating her...

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  • Ohh what a tool she is... You said you managed to piss her conservative family? What really happened? Was she conservative too?

    Whatever it is it sounds like she is a bitch... and don't worry karma will get her and she will go through something like that too... and then she will learn...

    And you deserve a lot better... technically I wouldn't even see her as a girlfriend if was treated like that...

    • what happened was this
      she uploaded a pic that showed cleavage
      her family Went on a rampage over that
      i asked what was wrong with it
      that made her get grounded, her mom then read all our conversations and forbade us from any more Contact

      now we still managed to talk a very small amount, but she was gone for 4 Days and when she came back "i love you so much" turned into "i decided this cannot go on"

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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • You're welcome

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  • I am sorry to hear that. How long did you date for? Why did she stab you in the back?

    • We were going for our first year
      She stabbed me in the back by taking the easy way out... She never tried fighting for us, she cut me off at the first bump :(

    • Oh I see. Did you do something to upset each other? You see it seems pretty extreme for her to just cut you off like that.

    • no, i managed to piss off her conservative christian family by asking what was wrong with a Picture...

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  • I'm kind of glad she's gone, you don't deserve this

    • i am not, because she made me so happy, she was the only thing good in my Life...

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    • i won't, but this was just a blow i could not take right now

  • Stabbed you in the back? Why? Because she broke up with you.

    I could sympathize with you here because I've been there. But no need because she broke up with you TODAY.

    People/Girls need a chance to cool down. Emotions are running rampant right now. Whatever you did, she's upset about it RIGHT NOW!! If you didn't do anything to harsh and you apologize after her cool down period. Then things should be able to be salvaged from there.

    Now if you did something terrible and gave her a major reason to break up, OWN it! Apologize and accept that she will probably need time to access things. Which could mean permanently breaking up or just taking time apart until further notice.

    But don't be "lost" so easily so quickly when there are potential solutions at you disposal.

    • thing is her family hates me and they hold grudges, and the way she acted... she Went from i love you to uncaring...

      i never did anything bad, her family made us break up and she chose to stay a slave to her manipulative family...

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    • Yeah it definitely sounds like she's a coward of sorts man!! She's not gonna fight for the relationship. So I guess you have to decide if you want to fight for 2 by yourself. Because that's what it's gonna come to.

    • i cannot seem to decide
      i love her
      i hate her, i want her and i want her gone... i'm really unsure

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