How does a guy feel when their ex or girlfriend told them that they hurt them?

My boyfriend and I dated on and off for a while and he got distant towards me then ghosted me. I stopped talking to him because there was no reason to me to keep talking to him and trying to make things work. I deleted his number and haven't contact him ever since, then couple weeks ago he contacted me out of the blue. I was really upset because whenever I talked to him during our relationship he never talked to me and only talked to me whenever he wanted to or wanted to do something etc. He talked to me friendly like everything was fine and wanting to know if I was available because he was nearby my house. I heard he's in a relationship already and then he asked if I was free which made me more upset and confuse. One night of too much drinks I told him how I felt and he never responded til couple days after. Saying he had no intentions of what he did and finally admitted he is in a relationship and didn't want to be rude toward his girlfriend. That really pissed me off and I told him out why did he ask me if I was free if he has a girlfriend? I told him he hurt my feelings, messed with them, and could be honest with me when he was being distant. He never apologized when I told him that or even responded of course since he never does. Did he felt bad or don't care he hurt me? How does a guy feel when a girl confronts him how he hurt her? Did I told him off?


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What Guys Said 1

  • This isn't really a general circumstance, so I can't say without knowing him. Too many possibilities.

    But in general, in regards to being affected by what an ex says it depends on a few things.
    1. How close you two were beforehand and how/why you broke up.
    2. If he respected you.
    3. If he cares for you now.
    4. How emotionally strong he is.

    My ex depending on what she says, because of how well she knows me/knew me. If she has something to say about me or how I'm acting there's a kernel of truth to it there and i would honestly take it to heart. If I did something that I felt was justified tho, if she said it hurt her. I would apologize for hurting her, but not for what I did/said. But that's because there's a level of respect there that I have for her and for myself.


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  • Honestly at this point, you should avoid all contact with him. He's not healthy for you because he is a mess. He needs to figure out what he really needs instead of what he wants. You deserve to be treated better than being a second choice.


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