What are my ex's motive?

Well first he helped me changed my tire on his own. Even when somebody else was g0in to help me he insisted he'd do it. We didn't break up gracefully. So I'm thinking he did that to redeem himself like "hey I'm not a bad guy see!". Which I'll NEVER change my mindset about him. Then today he came by my desk to ask for something unimportant but tried to hold a faze and flirt even by the way he talked to me. What are his motives? I just want him to stay away from me cuz he is no good and I just want to move on. It's just hard when he's always in my face. He plays games plays with my heArt and I'm done. Also when he was drunk he confessed he was crazy about me and loved me. Then next morning was a asshole to me hence me expressing I was done with him. Any advice? I don't want to come off as cold cuz then that means I still care (which I do but don't want him to know that). All I can do is smile and be cordial with him. It's hard man. I want him to leave me alone secretly. But how he thinks I'm over being mad and coming off as approachable. He also looked at me as a piece of meat today and I didn't like it.
What are my ex's motive?
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