We broke up and she came back into my life. I want her back. What should I do to get her back?

We were together for 8 months and those 8 months were the best. I have never been so sure of anyone, even she believed that. Something happened and we couldn't talk for a week. Once she came back, she was noticeably distant. Over the next month she talked to me a lot less but she still stayed she loved me and didn't want to lose me. One day she eventually just ended it and it broke me. She treated me so cold and I couldn't understand what happened. We didn't talk for two months and in that time I noticed she was with someone else. They broke up and she came back to me apologizing about how she treated me. We've been talking ever since. I know how it sounds but I want to try and get her back. Is it possible to rekindle what we lost?


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  • It's definitely possible, but it depends on what happened that you couldn't talk for a week. If there was cheating involved then that seems to always come up as an issue, no matter how much time has passed.

    • No, it wasn't cheating. It was some personal issues going on in her family. She had told me that things happened during that week.. That she didn't feel the same after. In my head I thought maybe she was just trying to see if she could separate herself from me. I never told her that but I had the thought.

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  • Well, first and foremost mate let me say that it's potentially possible that you're the back up. Just be careful of that.

    But it's always possible to re ignite attraction, and increase the chance of getting back together.

    The fact she's talking to you is a good sign.
    If it helps I was in the same sitch. Didn't talk to me for a whole year. And only returned to tell me she's comfortable in her new life without me. And I hadn't said a word to her during the silent treatment. But she stil felt the need to return to say she's better without me. But anyway man...

    It's mostly about increasing your own value. Social status, wealth, and health. And by that I mean becoming the best version of yourself possible.

    • Yeah. I've been working on improving myself. Not for her but just for my own well being. I would love to have her back though. She's everything to me... I know how it looks on the outside but I know she's just a bit confused. I'm going to see what happens and if I can make her see me the way she once did.

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    • Thanks, hopefully this works out. I hope it goes good for you too!

    • Thank you!!

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  • Join the club. Ex hasn't spoken to me in over three months and we were together for five years. Disgusting behaviour.

    Learn from the past and take each day at a time.


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  • It will all depend on if she is interested too at this point.

    • That's what I keep asking myself honestly..

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