How long did it take until your ex contacts you?

I'm just asking this for statistical purposes.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You never contact your EX. What you can do is if you land a guy who is much better than him then send him a video of you giving him head with the caption "Do you miss me baby?"

    • ahahah he would think I was a slut

What Girls Said 1

  • 48-72 hours. Every time he texts me, I look down at it with a blank face, then delete it. I can't stand him. He should do the female gender a favor and die.

    • WHy do you hate him that much?

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    • Thank you :) I still find him very attractive tho, but he was a terrible boyfriend... Liar, manipulative, always talking about other girls...

    • You are so very welcome. He's trash so dispose of his presence :)

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