3 1/2 years?

3 1/2 years... I was the best, I was your everything, and you were mine.. and then 8 months ago you just walked out on me, left me for dead... I am glad your life is good, and you party your nights away.. I am not the same, and even require medication to keep me happy.. You have no idea what you leaving did to me. I am glad you are well, and I wish you the best in your life... You will never be loved in your life like I loved you.


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  • Woah, woah. We just met. It's a bit early to be using the "L" word.

    • I appreciate you making fun of my hardship. Thank you.

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    • As you said in your description, you're a loser. Also no help.

    • If I said it why repeat it? It's obvious I already know.

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  • It's quite beautiful. Have you sent it to her?

    • Don't plan on it, I just needed to say it.

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