Is it even worth it?

Me and this guy have this odd friends with benefits relationship where we do couples stuff, although neither of us is looking for a relationship. I really enjoy his company, but this past couple months we barely talk. I understand he's busy (I could never function at what he does in a day) but I feel like I'm doing a lot of the communicating. I on the other hand am very busy as well. I honestly had thought he lost interest in me, until I had looked at his perspective. That, and also the fact he replies fairly fast if he isn't at work/training.

Do you think it's worth the effort to keep in touch with him? We already don't message a lot, but lately its gotten to be like 1 to 3 weeks without contact. Just a pain in the ass to keep it going sometimes.

Should I keep in touch or just let go?


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  • The whole point of it is to not get emotionally involved and not expect anything from that guy. I say if you want sex, you text him. Otherwise, just find someone who does want to give you his time.

  • I have a male friend I reconnected with last year. We live far apart, we have "no benefits" like that way, but we reconnected after thirty years and I did have a crush on him all those years ago... however he is very busy with a High Powered Job near Chicago... Last year we talked daily for about two months, but at the holidays he dropped away, I keep up with him about once every three to four weeks to check in. He says he appreciates it, but I always initiate. Two weeks ago I got a message from him, and about fell on the floor? He said that he knows it needs to be more two way, and he was sorry. We are honestly just friends, but even friends need to be a two way street! Hope this makes sense!! Best of Luck


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