Boyfriend broke up with me and is sad?

So my (ex) boyfriend broke up with me (which is something he's done a lot of times before, only to come back), around 5 days back. we haven't spoken since, and this is the first time I have not initiated communication after a "break up" or fight.
His friend has been texting my friend and another friend of his tried to reach out to me because he's been very sad and has been talking about this break up a lot. He also smashed a computer because he has a short temper. However, he hasn't reached out to me himself even once. I'm sick of always reaching out to him because he acts like I've wronged him when it's him who has ended things. I obviously care about him, and when I'm being told about how sad he is, I'm getting affected. What can I do? I know I can't go back to him because his behaviour is too inconsistent. Our relationship was literally perfect in every way, and I know he feels strongly for me, but he has issues with emotional intimacy and insecurity. He gets scared because we're going too fast too soon.
Boyfriend broke up with me and is sad?
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