My ex boyfriend new girlfriend is stunning?

I've gotten obsessed with my ex boyfriend new girlfriend to the point where I hate her. She's stunning , I've heard through friends that he has been saying that he has found the one. That he's never felt this way about any anyone.

I'm devastated after two years together he broke up with me because he said it was too much for him. After only 6 months of being single he has moved on. I know it's not this girls fault but everytime I look at her profile I want to cry.

I always thought he'd change his mind, I really want to text him and just tell him I miss him. how do you get over somebody you're still in love with?
  • Delete all social media still you feel like you're over him
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  • Go talk to somebody
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  • Try dating someone new
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  • Text him and just ask
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  • Come on! Find a cool dude and let him feel the same way! The world has 6 billion population out of which at least 2.5 billion are men.. Just find a right guy for you! Or let some other to approach you...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Moving on is very hard for women. But a true NO CONTACT is probably best, which yes includes blocks from Social Media, or Deletes... always seeing the other person moving on in life is hard on a person mentally. You become unhappy while they are having the time of their life. If the issue is severe, counseling can work. Keeping busy is of utmost importance, and getting yourself into something that is good for you. I lost someone 196 days ago. I miss him every day, but I can't see him any longer on Social Media, I took all phone numbers out of my phone, all of our email communicative accounts have been closed, and it is over. Sometimes keeping all of that keeps us stuck, when in truth moving forward is the only way to heal. Best of Luck


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  • don't talk to him. cut all ties, I had to do that with my ex. crush. Learn to forgive, he is not perfect and no one is. If you can forgive you are doing yourself a favor and setting your heart free. You need to forgive yourself too for wasting 2 years with him. and then once you are done forgiving, you need to find friends and a new boyfriend

  • Okay, delete him from social media and go on a LOT of dates with a ton of guys. Like, you don't have to have sex even, just go. Let your brain and heart learn that he isn't the only guy in the world. Plenty of awesome guys to date out there :)

    • He deleted me off everything a long time ago. I just hoped we'd get back together so I'd check his profiles cause I missed him. I'll try date and meet new people

  • Ugh you remind me of my exes ex girlfriend. She was like you and she had her heart out to ruin our relationship, which she did.

    Just move on. Date new people.

  • Just remember we're all going to be all old and wrinkly and saggy that includes her as well.


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