I want to move on, but...

He has been only a friend, but we got some intimate moments two times. He has assured me that he has too much job, but why am I feeling unease?

It's not that I don't believe him, it's only that I can see the facts (or maybe it's only my imagination): he only calls me if I call him first, and when I call him, he starts to say that he has been busy, that he has a lot of work that he doesn't have time to be with friends, and that he will return to his homeland two months later. I think he doesn't want to hang with me.

At least saying him what I feel, but I am afraid that if I do it, he will get angry and he will shun me. I already told him that I don't mind if we are not close physically and that I am insecure about the way I treated him because he has became more distant. And also, I haven't demanded him to going out, I let him do what he wants even if it's not with me (about his private life I don't know, but because of friends I know that he is married with his job).

Why has he become more distant? Did I do something wrong? Would it have been bad if I demanded him to go out somewhere? Why is difficult to stop contacting him?


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  • He lose interest.


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