Need help. I want to get my ex back. Do I still have a chance?

To make long story short we have been together for 3+ years and lived together. All that time she has been chasing me, loved me and wanted marriage. We both are in our 30's. Our relationship wasn't really great as I was constantly ignoring her, didn't spend any effort nor enough time to make her happy. Never cheated on her or anything, we were never fighting or anything, but the problem was that I didn't invest myself too much into our relationship. Then one day when we were still together I said to myself she's the one, I need to make it up to her and marry her and go all in to our relationship. So I started to change to the man she has always wanted me to be (started working more sociable hours, spend my time and effort on her, helped her all around the housework and stuff) and then out of nowhere she went on a trip with another guy. As she was saying he's just a friend and i have nothing to worry about, which I now believe was truth. Obviously I got jealous and clingy and right after that trip she has broken up with me. Her reasoning was simple, she said she doesn't feel it anymore and only later she told me that the reason why she has broken up with me was that I treated her badly by constantly ignoring her, didn't pay attention to her and stuff. So we lived together for another month after break up and I was proving to her that I have changed, which I did. I became way more positive, active person and a happier in general. She has recently told me that if I was like that throughout our relationship we would still be together. She kept sending me mixed signals, like stepping up to get a kiss and all, call me those cute names that she used to when we were together. I came clean to her and told her that if her reasoning was lack of my commitment I was not only ready to propose but I was actually planning it and expressed all my feelings to her. So I moved out now, she was in tears. Question is should I carry on and keep contacting her or should I go on with NC
Need help. I want to get my ex back. Do I still have a chance?
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