Is he just a jerk?

If a boyfriend who claims to love you broke up with you in an email, wouldn't even have the decency to call or return your call. Did he ever really care about you?


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  • Break ups are never easy and I'm sorry you had to go through a break up like that. But if some really loves you, would be with you. Now, I'm not saying he didn't love you. But he should at least have respected you enough to at least have a little compassion and consider your feelings as well. The phone break up sounds like it was very one way (he controlled the whole thing). Funny thing is, when guys want to break things off, it's something they have put some thought into it. So he planned the phone break up. Which is a pretty immature way of dropping someone especially if you claim that you love them...

    The other reason why some break up over the phone is if he acted out of anger and it was an impulse break up (yes, I know I mentioned up above that he put thought into it. So let me just clarify, he could have thought about breaking up and being angry could have made it an easier decision for him).

    We can't choose who we love, but you can choose HOW you love. You don't want to be with someone that "loves you" like that. You deserve respect and that was disrespectful.

    • Thanks for the incite, but he broke up with me in an email not over the phone

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  • He probably card about you at some point. But then somewhere along to the he lost his gonads, and decided to be a little bitch about a breakup. Either that or it would have been too `painful`or whatever to say it to your face. so yeah don`t rule out that he ever cared for you.


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  • he didn't want to see your reaction witch means he miqhtt care because if he didn't he would have just told you to f*** off:)


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