It hurts so bad?

I am in so much pain because of this breakup. He was my best friend he knew everything about me and was there for me even after I got raped. I have tried to distract myself and everything else but I'm depressed. I cry about everything. I don't know how to heal and move on.


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  • You'll be fine. Young love always hurts and I know you've been through a lot of other stuff, but you'll eventually get to the point where you'll wonder why you spent so much time overdramatizing such a short period of your life.


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  • Glad you are in therapy, that will help you. You are young, your pain could be coming from the rape situation, and this other person made you feel safe. It is terrible to loose anyone in life, especially when they are alive and well, but you can't be with them anymore, however if you can allow yourself to let go, you will allow for something better to come into your life. Trust me, I am a lot older than you, and I had to deal with the same thing last year. It ripped my heart out, but as I look back now the sting of my past, doesn't hurt so much anymore. I wish you the best!


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  • Have you gone to councilling or therapy about the rape situation?

    • Yes I'm in it now

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    • Kind of but I compare them all to him

    • To stop comparing you need to understand that everyone is different.

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