Why do my ex boyfriend's friends want to know about my personal life?

My ex boyfriends friends, including his best friends, that I never speak to online have messaged me on Facebook recently to find out information about my personal life (like if I am dating someone, or if I am planning on moving and stuff like that). I feel like my ex must be asking them to do this. Am I being paranoid or is this totally possible? If it is, why wouldn't he just ask me himself?
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  • it is not only possible, but likely that its your ex really asking. and as for him not just asking himself, well its sometimes akward to ask an ex those questions, depending on how the break up went, and if you left off on speaking terms. Also, it makes it obvious that you care if you ask, and some people don't want that to show. The question is, do you still care about your ex? You must if you even care if he's the 1 asking

    • Ya, I totally do. he's the one that dumped me, so there was nothing I could do about things and just am working on going on with my life. and ya, we are not exactly on th ebest speaking terms.

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