Should I leave my wife?

Borrowing my sisters account... to lazy to make one.

We've been together over 15 years. We have SO many great memories. She was the one and I thought she'd be mine forever. However once we turned 30, things changed. she quit her job & refused to go back to work, refused to have kids with me, started hoarding animals and trinkets, and became a complete hermit. We moved in with my parents and she fought with my mom all the time.. so she moved to her hometown across the country. We've been separated for 5 years. I met this new girl who seems great.. but my wife is making me feel bad, like I'm the reason for her unhappiness. She calls and texts me at least 60 times a day.. She threatens suicide and says I need to give her a second chance before getting very serious with this other girl. Does she deserve that second chance? She made my life hell for 10 years... but I feel bad for just "dumping her." She has no job, no money, no friends. This other girl has a job, wants kids, and is more outgoing. What should I do? Should I just be single? Ha ha


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  • Yes you should leave your wife and start dating people who aren't like her.


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  • Your wife has put zero effort into maintaining a relationship with you. No ambition. Little work ethic. Lack of willingness to make sacrifices for you. Doesn't compromise or share common life goals with you. Time to cut that one loose. Don't waste anymore of your precious time on her.

    • Very true on everything that you said. But I feel really guilty for just leaving her and letting her fend for herself, you know?

    • Don't feel guilty. She can make her own way in the world! Guilt, pity and remorse are three of the worst reasons to stay in a relationship. Unless she is putting something forth to outweigh that, it's time to go. Start living before you run out of time. Trust me, you deserve to be happy.

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