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My friend Matt and I went on a camping trip with our families because they are good friends. my boyfriend Jake was at a volley ball thing so he could not come. before I went out with Jake I had this huge crush on Matt. Matt always flirted with me but never actually showed interest. so that night, we all had to share tents. Matt and I were together in one with his sister. she fell asleep right away and the two of us were the only ones awake. it was freezing in there and our legs were cramped so Matt and I were really close together so we could stretch our legs at an angle. randomly he say to me " I would kiss you right now if you were not going out with Jake." He also told me that he liked me before. I did not know what to say. I love jake of course but I felt happy that matt used to like me. I just told him he missed his chance and laughed it off. he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. then he fell asleep. nothing happened or anything but is this cheating? I honestly don't like matt anymore, he is a total player. I love jake and would never want to hurt him. I feel bad though. I wish I had pulled away but it was cold and I think I was caught in the moment. but its not like we kissed. guys and girls, what do you think this is, cheating or just nothing...


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  • He grabbed your hand (not the other way around), you didn't initiate anything afterwards and you told him straight up that he missed his chances to be with you. That's not cheating at all in my opinion.

    • Thank you:) this makes me feel so much better

  • Nothing, Consider it a life expierience, keep it to youself and forget it happened. and jake is a lucky guy to have you as a GF.

    • Thanks:) I felt so bad that I almost threw up: / never doing that again. haha hope so:)

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