What did he mean by this?

Fighting with my guy. He seems VERY pissed. 7 year relationship. He was refusing to talk to me about what happened ( falsely accused of cheating based on anonymous message).

" If I ever feel like speaking with you for some reason I will let you know, you are lucky I'm wasting my time F'n you right now!"

" Like I said I choose if and when we talk"

and finally last one

" I do not wish to speak to you at this moment. If I choose to speak to you at all I will let you know."

- I am very VERY concerned he will never speak with me again, although we have been together for almost a decade. Can one of you guys interpret this for me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think it'll work out. Don't EVER even bring up cheating unless you personally have proof

    • I do agree.. He falsely accused me... very broken hearted about it.. He is going around telling everyone we are over and he is done with this part of his life... thank you though

    • He accused you and he's acting like this? Wow, I'd tell you to kick the crazy guy to the curb but, I'm not the one invested here. ;-)

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like a douche bag to me. I am sorry you wasted your seven years on someone like that. If he cared about you that much, he wouldn't assume you were cheating especially from anonymous source, he would get facts first... he sounds like a self absorbed person to me... walk away, that is toxic, you can find better. Chalk up the relationship, cut your losses and try to find someone who cares about you instead of themselves... best of luck to you!


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