My feeling have came back for my baby's dad. He doesn't feel the same, what do I do?

I split with my child's dad about 2 and a bit years ago. The split was caused my me, I wasn't a very nice person to him after our daughter was born.

About a year and and a half ago he was trying badly to get back together with me, he was sending me flowers, taking me out for dinner, basically begging me to take him back. I didn't want to at the time as I had just met someone new and I didn't feel I was sexually attracted to my ex anymore. He was heartbroken but he distanced himself from me and has appeared to move on.

Fast forward to now, I've been going through a rough time with depression and confided in him about what I thought was causing it (a very big mistake I made in my past). He had been really supportive and was coming around again and having dinner and hanging out. We ended up sleeping together. The next day I asked how he felt and if he wanted to do it again, he replied that he wasn't sure as he has started dating someone. I was a little upset and hurt but that night I asked to go stay at his apartment, I stayed over and nothing happened. We hung out all day yesterday and he kissed me, he has said numerous times that me and him will never be in a relationship again and he doesn't want me to get hurt. I said I wouldn't get hurt and so we slept together again last night. Afterwards he said he felt really connected to me during it.

He he text me a few times whilst he was on night shift just about our daughter. So I text him and asked if he'd like to go for dinner on Wednesday night, his reply was no.

I I just feel sad and confused, I feel like I've gotten attached to him again and I would love us to try and be a family and make it work but he says that won't happen. He is my best friend and it kills me to think of him with anyone else. Why have these feelings came rushing back for me? And what do I do? Do I distance myself and stop sleeping with him?
My feeling have came back for my baby's dad. He doesn't feel the same, what do I do?
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