Should I block my ex from social media and delete her number?

we were in a relationship for almost 3 years, she broke up with me, after almost a year without seeing each other and casual chatting and back and forth intentions of getting back together we started dating again, she, being the childish bitch she is, claimed she "tried' her best to make things work but she just couldnt deal with me anymore and told me we should stop hanging out. (we just argued once or twice, and it was because she asked me for 300 dollars, claiming she would pay me back, after that asked me for 100, even knowing i just moved and work was not good).

then, we started having sex and sleeping together, everything was fine, kind off, but her character flaws and her arrogance were annoying to me because she thinks everything she does is OK and doesn't care about the other person... one day she told me she didn't have much cash, i told her the same, we were with a friend of hers, and she said "lets go eat _______, you pay for me!"... those plans fell apart, the next day, after having sex and drinking wine and sleeping together, she woke up and in front of her frined told me "you have to buy us food, to which i replied with a no, i dont have enough cash to buy you guys food" she later said in front of her friend "you see? he is so cheap, i can't marry a guy like this"... a couple of days later she dropped the bomb on me saying that we should stop seeing each other for you, and to me maybe its not that relevant but for her it is a big deal that I act that way with my money. (like a momma bear), i said ok and then she was txting me and i ignored her, she then said "the fact that i no longer want something romantic with you doesn't mean we should be enemies, its not my fault i dont want anything with you" I replied "i dont want your friendship" she said something else and i just didn't reply, we haven't spoken in 2 weeks.

i see her on social media and i get mad, i know she thinks she's such a big deal, maybe even likes someone else, i see her on tw talking shit 2
+1 y
I see her just tweeting stuff, and replying to this guy she's been talking to and she "claims" is one of her best friends... but i dont buy it.

Anyways, everytime i think of her i feel angry, i repulse her, its like her existence stinks, I wish i could just get back at her and hurt her feelings or humiliate her the way she did to me in all this time.
I know that maybe some of her tweets are to annoy me or catch my attention, but anyways... she is disgusting to me now.. what should i do?
Should I block my ex from social media and delete her number?
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