Getting over an ex?

Can dating someone else help get over an ex? and what can you do to help with the process of getting over an ex?


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  • You will get over your ex when you meet someone else you like. You are 15, so that should take a week or two, or maybe until the end of the year. Then you will suddenly realize that you are happy you aren't with him.

    • its been almost two months since the breakup

    • but i understand its just my first breakup and i don't know what to do

    • Just be patient. I was with a woman for five years and it just fell apart for reasons that were mostly my fault. No big fight, she just decided that it wasn't working. I missed her terribly for a year and a half, and then one day I met someone else and I didn't miss my ex so much anymore.

      I know it's hard when you are young, but soon enough you will meet another guy and think "What was that all about? This guy is so much better."

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  • Breakups are so very painful. There's quick remedy for a broken heart and time doesn't heal your pain... It's what you do with your time that heals it. So try to keep active and every time you you find yourself thinking about him , focus your mind elsewhere

    Gradually your feelings will fade and your pain will ease, but for now try not to dwell on what was and what could have been.

    Don't reminisce or look at pictures of him etc it will only keep the pain raw. The best way to get over someone is to remove all traces of them from your life , and if places you go to remind you of him... focus on creating new memories at those places


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  • Unfortunately it can just take some time but try to find things that will take your mind off of it try doing things that will be significant to yourself and family maybe

  • "Can dating someone else help get over an ex?"
    Yes, as long as you give yourself enough time for your emotional wounds to heal first. My general rule is 20-30% of the length of the relationship.

    "What can you do to help with the process of getting over an ex?"
    Mainly give it time, but also work on yourself and learn to enjoy your life with or without a relationship. You don't want your sense of identity to depend on the acceptance of another person; that's a bad road to go down.


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