How to win a guy back who ended things after 2 dates?

I met a very attractive, nice, smart guy through a mutual friend at a party recently. He asked for my number and we spent the entire evening together before he walked me home, leaving me with his coat as an excuse to meet me again. He subsequently asked me on two dates - one for brunch and another for dinner and a movie at his - and everything seemed to be going so well. I was very nervous so a bit closed off from being my relaxed self but he spoke about future plans for us ("we'll have to do go/watch/do this one day!" etc) and said he would work around me for our next date. Two days later, however, he abruptly came over to mine and said we should stop seeing each other. He said he "didn't know if he was quite feeling it" with me (we'd only had 2 dates!) and he was still having some trouble getting over his ex who left him for someone else. He was really unsure of himself though and said "I know I'll regret this".

I feel like we would make a good couple though if only we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and spend some more time together. Ideas for going about how to win him back?
How to win a guy back who ended things after 2 dates?
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