I feel tired going on in life :(?

I feel so alone and feels like nobody is going to support me. I am tired fighting my own battles, keeping strong and accepting the reality that there I will be always alone. My family don't have trust on me and only thinks I am only capable of making mistakes. That is why I grew up not confident person. I work so hard in my college , aiming for honor and have a good job to make my family proud of me, but I was WRONG :(. They still don't believe in me and feeling not enough.

A lot guys wants to date me. I tried to talk to them but it just feel so plain or maybe I just don't have feelings. I admit that I was not yet able to move on from my ex boyfriend who happened to my first love and first kiss. I loved him so much but then he only leave me with no explanation. :'( . I tried crawling back to him and let him feel I love him so much. But , he is only interested to our conversation when he hears about my achievements in my life. He onced said to me before, he will make me an official girlfriend if I become successful in life. And his actions today shows. Yes, He says sweet words but never does in action. He is inconsistent (sweet today and tomorrow no, next week sweet again, next no), he never showed me in public or nobody knows that we are together, I don't really feel special person.
Sometimes , I go to coffee shop spending my time alone. I don't know but a tear fell down on my face. Saying , why people treated me bad , why i always feel not good enough to anyone ,.
Every morning I wake up , I want to sleep again , I don't want to go out and I started to do bad on my job. Because I am already feeling so tired
I feel tired going on in life :(?
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