Must I Forget him after a wonderful story ?

I am in relationship for 1 year with a frensh man , he cames 2 time twice to see me in Morocco and he is really serious by asking me for mariage , but his mom refused... I told him that i can't live in doubt , take a decision and if it's a negative one we don't have to see each other or talk anymore... he called me : " I Belive in our relation and i will , you're the best girl ever i met in my life and it there is a end you must know that i won't forget u until my last breath, i won't be selfish to let u wait and it's possible for u to make other date :( ... you can think by saying that that' over , but not at all for me cause I LOVE YOU... i explain u my situation and u gave me ur opinion " ... I answered by : Message received , we don't talk for 3 days... so Should I forget him?


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  • I don't believe you should. You both sound like you have a really good relationship so why should you forget him? This issue has to do with his mom this has nothing to do with you and him. Its always good to respect the larents, but for what reason does his mom say no? Because your not French? Because your from a different country? Skin color? Or your not her ideal as a potential wife to her son? Does this have to do with age, or your career? What other factors or excuse does she have that made her get that way in the first place?

    Because if you two are certaim you want a marriage with each other, what is the problem?

    • he said me that she is a traditionnal mom , she has 65 years she is sick cause she has a lot of physical problems so she want him to have a girl with same culture and she is afraid about a strange person , i am just 22 years , she think that i want just to enjoy by living in france... he has 37 , divorced cause his mom who choose him the girl which is turkish but it doesn't work ... he told me that he don't want to be a reason to make her mom suffering and he will feel guilty if he would oblige her to accept me...

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    • @chaimae009 Only God can give you that strength, You can't do it by yourself or this will become so unhealthy that it will bring about depression and oppression. To make this sacrifice shows that you do love him. And its fine. You can love even if you can;t be together. But him trying to keep you after all of this is not a good idea.

    • I will pray by asking god to forget him like he never exist... this is the only solution i have after his cold reaction and not feeling afraid that we are on way of the END

  • Is it a long distance relationship? Or is he at the same school as you/country? Makes it different if he is or isn't

    • He is a turkish man and he lives in france and i live in Morocco , i worked in a call center and we stayed in touch , after 5 mouths he cames to meet me and ask me for a serious relationship

    • Sounds like lust! Chances r against you.. i would forget him

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