Must I Forget him after a wonderful story ?

I am in relationship for 1 year with a frensh man , he cames 2 time twice to see me in Morocco and he is really serious by asking me for mariage , but his mom refused... I told him that i can't live in doubt , take a decision and if it's a negative one we don't have to see each other or talk anymore... he called me : " I Belive in our relation and i will , you're the best girl ever i met in my life and it there is a end you must know that i won't forget u until my last breath, i won't be selfish to let u wait and it's possible for u to make other date :( ... you can think by saying that that' over , but not at all for me cause I LOVE YOU... i explain u my situation and u gave me ur opinion " ... I answered by : Message received , we don't talk for 3 days... so Should I forget him?
Must I Forget him after a wonderful story ?
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