How do you move on from someone who left you and found someone else?

It happened to me. I was left with no explanation due to an argument and while I know he doesn't deserve me I find it hard to let go of this anger and hurt. No guy can make that go away, I feel like there is something I need to work on myself with in order to move on. I'm with someone and I feel like it's effecting what I have with him because I can suddenly he very angry and sad.


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  • If you can't let go of the previous relationship why are you with someone new? You should end the current relationship and let him know you cannot commit to him fully because you still have issues from the previous one. It's not fair to the current person, he did nothing wrong.
    Meanwhile, you need to get over this. The other person hurt you and moved on. First you have to realize he's not coming back. Second you have to find it in your heart to want to move on. Third, do it. IT's not easy but you can do it.

    • But how? What are a couple of things you can do to move on?

    • "First you have to realize he's not coming back. Second you have to find it in your heart to want to move on. Third, do it. IT's not easy but you can do it. "

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  • I'm very sorry. The most painful goodbyes are the unsaid and unexplained ones. It leaves you with many unanswered questions. You'll probably be going through a range of emotions right now, so to be honest seeing another guy right now isn't a good idea. It's unfair to him and to yourself

    Most people find their own way of dealing with their pain. I usually go the the gym more and spend time with friends. Cry if I feel the need to, coz crying can be therapeutic. Every time my thoughts dwell on what was or what could have been I focus my mind on more uplifting things

    Time doesn't heal your pain, it's what you do with your time that heals it. That's why it's important to keep busy and your mind on things other than him. Gradually your feelings will fade and the pain will ease. , but for now just be patient with yourself and work on strengthening yourself emotionally

    • The thing is that it's been about three months and I'm dealing with the emotions more now than ever. I feel like it should be the opposite. I am doing nice things for myself but it's not enough.. Spending time with my friends helps but sometimes the wave with emotions hits me and I feel like I wasn't good enough. Deep down I'm still hoping we will end up together and I hate that.

    • After a breakup you go through a grieving process , that's why you can feel worse months later. Sometimes depression can set in, but not until the later stages of the grieving process. The healing process varies from person to person.

      People who go through a breakup feel a sense of loss, so it takes time to get to the acceptance stage

      Clinging on to the hope you'll get back together will just prolong your hurt. It's best to stop holding onto a guy who has already let you go

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  • It's never easy, we all get emotional because we are just humans. Of course you're sad and angry, remind your self that all people are not the same. Try to focus on other things you like, a hobby or something you like to do on your free time. i would strongly reccomend to read a book or two written by Leslie C. Brown. Or if you don't want that, just search on youtube. Stay strong, aske friends or people you trust to help you and stand with you. Try to find something were you can take out some of your aggressions but not to be streesful (games or anything similuar).
    I would like to help so page me if you want to talk more.

  • Do the same and find someone else.


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  • If you haven't already worked through your issues and have gotten over over you ex, you should not be in relationship as that is unfair and cruel towards your current partner. You need to process what happened to you and come to terms with it. You can't hold onto why someone left you as it's not a reflection of you but the relationship not being the right fit.


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