He want his cake and eat it too?

I do have strong feelings for him and I love him but he basically told me he want his cake and eat it too. I told him I wasn't sticking around for it and I'm going to start dating too and he told me he don't want to see me with anybody else and how that don't take away from our relationship and how he cares for me deeply. Then he called a couple times after that but I didn't answer b/c it wasn't no sense now in talking when he told me what it was. I unfollowed him on all social networks, I get on today and noticed he unliked all my pictures he liked on Instagram but left all his comments. I don't know if he's being pettt, childish, or is he hurt? I just felt like that was a little wack I didn't even entertain it by going to his page and unliking his pictures. Why you think he did that? Anyways this is day 3since everything happened and I'm missing him but I'm not budging he made his choice and I have to move on
He want his cake and eat it too?
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