How will I ever get over her? What should I do?

A while back I was ghosted by my first girlfriend. When I realized she was ghosting me I was devastated and was basically depressed for like a month or more. I thought about her constantly, but as time went on I felt a little better and tried to get back to a semi normal routine. The last couple months have been better, I've still been thinking about her but less frequently and I've been going through the school and work routine. However, for the last couple weeks I'm back to constantly thinking about her and its almost worse than immediately after the break up. Like I will just be laying there and stop whatever I'm doing and think about her and last night I even had a dream about her where we were back together. She will not talk to me anymore and I'm guessing there's no chance she'll ever want to be with me again, yet my sadness and thinking about her is at an all time high since she left. Does anyone know how I can get over her?
How will I ever get over her? What should I do?
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