Feelings of unresolved issues. Should I tell him. He said he will listen?

Our relationship was pretty great, we hit it off on every level and everyone saw how alike and great we got along. a lot of people thought we would be together for a long time that is why when he ended it it was a shock to a lot. We only were together for 4 months but they were amazing. During the time before the breakup he was stressed. He couldnt find a job and his money was running low. he closed off from everyone and basically disappeared. I always asked him to come out or do things and he always denied them. Even at Easter the night before freinds all went out and i was texting him asking if we were doing something with families etc. He never even responded to the question just sort of ignored it. After everything when he broke up with me he said he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and or would. Still today I feel like there is a lot of unresolved feelings of what he was doing when he closed off. Months after the bu we continued to have sex until this past month when he said it wasn't a good idea or fair to us anymore and we should be freinds and if i wanted to talk he would listen about what i had to say. I may just come out and tell him my feeligns for all these months. is that bad to do? as I have them all built up and i still feel there is something between us


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  • It won't change anything nor will he care. I don't believe his bullshit excuse. He decided you weren't for him and instead of being a man and just saying so he was a pussy and gave you that lame excuse. This is over completely and permanently so get over it and him


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