Should I forgive him?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for three years. A few months ago he went out of town to visit a friend before being deployed. He texted me the whole time and I assumed he was acting right. So fast forward three months later, I'm going through his phone and find three phone numbers! And the date was from the weekend he went to visit his friend. He had short convos with them and I'm really hurt. He's been apologizing non stop and said he was trying to be cool with the guys. he's never been sneaky but I'm not sure, he wasn't even smart enough to change the password on his phone. I'm wondering if this is just him having fun with guys or a huge sign I should leave.
We're broken up now. But he's been going out of his way to make things right. I don't think he was trying to meet with girls three states away, but it's still very disrespectful


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  • Three years is a long time. Thing is, it's three girls meaning they ment nothing to him. They were short convos, and he apologized. My advice, let him know never to do that again, cause if he does it's over. Let him know he must earn your trust again.


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  • What was the nature of the conversations? The fact that he's getting girl's phone numbers... well... I'd probably leave

  • If he acts different with his friend he's childish who gives af if he said sorry!!
    He new what he was saying it didn't bother him untill u found out

  • Depends what he said


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