The guy I'm talking to has an ex who's a model. Should I be concerned?

So his last Girlfriend is a model. Obviously, she's really attractive.

Realistically, should I be a little concerned. I am not a model or nowhere close to being one.


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  • Hello,

    People are exes for a reason, becouse it didn't work out. I know a lot of great looking girls and trust me when I say a relationship is more then just how good your partner looks.

    shes only a threat in your head, don't worry about it. if your worried then relax and just have fun with the guy and take things slow. that way if he does still want her you can find out and leave him without getting hurt..

    but like I said don't dwell on this or you'll go insane with worrie

    Good Luck



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  • Think about it. The model is good looking but not in his life anymore. Good looks attract us all, but other attributes make the relationship.

  • she is the ex for a good reason.


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  • Not all guys like stick figures. Show him what you got. :)

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