I'm not sure what else I can do?

I started friends with benefits with this guy I dated a few years ago. I had just gone through a break up recently from a long term relationship and I wasn't really thinking straight. At first it was going great, he apologised for everything he did to me, we spoke every day, he told me around a month into it that he had feelings for me. I was still wary and unsure. A week after he told me he wants to be more with me soon and I agreed.

A couple of weeks after this he was being more distant, we weren't talking daily (or even every other day) and it was me initiating to meet up more, in person he was great, he hinted towards being with me still and we love tease games so he said he would 'tell me' next time. There was no next time, I brought the ignoring up to him, we fell out and he ignored me for days. It wasn't even an argument, he just ignored my texts and came back apologising saying he freaked out and got scared, he was worried of commitment because his last girlfriend stressed him and wanted him to constantly tell her where he was. That she smashed his phone and wouldn't leave him alone. That he can't afford to take me on amazing dates right now and it makes him self conscious.

I said no worries, I won't stress or pressure or rush things, I just wanted to enjoy his company and that I don't need expensive dates. He said how great I am and it was fine. Until we managed to actually argue a few days later, this is our first actual argument since we started this. It wasn't a horrible argument, but quickly into it he told me he gives up and he won't do this any more it's too complicated to have feelings and have sex.

I tried texting him to fix this. I asked him to see me and just talk because it's not worth wrecking things over again as we were both having fun. He ignored my text. This was nearly two weeks ago. I know it's dumb but I like him, he made this more than friends with benefits, but how can I contact him and get a response? Do I give him more time?
I'm not sure what else I can do?
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