Help me understand please lady's?

My wife left me for anouther man we have kids together house everything she left me for him it's been over a month now I left everything house everything just left with my cloths but everytime I talk to her or see her she has so much hatred to me and just so mad everytime like it's my fault I wanted this or something. Goes on how happy she is with him he's so much. Ether everything possible to try and get to me or hurt me just that much more can honestly say I did. Nothing wrong I thought and was told. By here everyday how much she loves me and our family and happy I didn't know this was going on or going to happen was. Not any signs or anything feeling diffrent or out of place why is she always so angry with me and mad. I left. Everything signed it all over. Pay support when we share 50 50 cover all. Extras for the kids meds activitys everything Why is she like this


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  • She just wants someone to blame... and she's making u out to b the bad guy so she feels better about the situation...


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  • If I had a nickel for every time I've heard or read pretty much that exact same story from a man, I'd be able to pay off the truck I bought last year, put a down payment on another, and buy a couple grand worth of ammo.

    It's like every married man married the same woman.

    Or perhaps All Women truly ARE 'Like That'.


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