Can somebody really feel too self conscious to be with you?

Me and my ex were talking after two years of being apart, he apologised for the way he treated me and how things ended and told me that he felt I deserved better than him and the way he was living back then (no job, drugs, he was constantly angry and depressed) and that it just felt like he couldn't live up to it and it made him self conscious. We ended up getting feelings for each other again and he said he wants more with me but in a matter of weeks he pulls away when things are going great and tells me it's because he freaked out when it was going really well and he realised he liked me a lot and he's scared to commit because of how many girls have stressed him and ended badly in the past, and that he's self conscious because he can't currently afford to take me on dates (he has no job once again, he's doing more than just weed now, he's on anti-depressants) and it makes him feel bad. We argued a few days later and now he's cut me off completely for two weeks. It was honestly going perfect before this.

Why self conscious though? I run my own successful business but I've always fully believed in his dreams and he told me I've changed his life. Is it really possible that he ran away because he's scared and self conscious?
Can somebody really feel too self conscious to be with you?
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