True or false- an ex unblocking you after a break up with someone else means they still think about you sometimes?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Only to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. If you go back you're one dumb broad and need your ass kicked

    • Seriously? What if he realizes that she is the right one for him and proposes? 🙄

    • Then he'll have you as a mistress

    • @xxrockmexx nope he left you to go to another then that sours so he comes sniffing around again. If she hadn't dumped him he'd still be with her not you. You broke up for a reason and that is because IT DIDN'T WORK! But if you want to keep trying to stick that square peg in the round hole then knock yourself out

Most Helpful Girl

  • Without knowing more details, I can't honestly say.

    • he texts me one day out of the blue saying "get out of my life. I love her and not you. get over me. I'm blocking you" and then three months later he unblocked me... what does it mean?

    • Wow! He might realize that you are the better woman but I would be extremely cautious if he tries to get back with you.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Tread carefully. Your ex is maybe on the lookout for rebound sex.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes he must have thought about because he's taken the initiative to unblock you


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