Should I ask him where we stand?

My boyfriend (not sure anymore though) and I have been dating for around 2 months. It was all fine, he introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend and it was all relationship-like. He is studying to be sailor though and was leaving for 6 months for the sea. We had a small fight after which he ignored me so I just stopped texting as well and left him be. A week later his mother called me and told me he had left already. Apparently he didn't even say goodbye to me. She also said that he was talking to her previously and said that he was afraid that when he comes back he will find his girlfriend with someone else and that she won't wait for him and he doesn't want to be hurt later on. Apparently it had happened before with his previous girlfriend. She adviced me to text him and ask how he was doing which I did, he replied and said that he didn't text me because he felt ashamed for ignoring me after a fight. I decided not to start another fight about why he didn't say goodbye to me and just kept the conversation cool. Said I'll miss him, he sent me a kissing emoji, so it all seemed ok.

Okay, now I'm totally confused. I don't know if I should wait for him or not. I don't want to be waiting for half a year to find out he had dumped me. Should I ask? How should I ask? I'm afraid of coming off as clingy and needy.
Please, I'm desperate for advice.


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  • Hell yah u should ask. That's nothing to feel bad or nervous about at all girl!!

    • Thanks. Do you have any ideas of how I can ask without sounding desperate?

    • Honestly girl, sound desperate or so collard " desperate ". That a totally legitimate question that should not be regatddd as embarrassing once so ever. Hell yah girlie do it up. In my opinion it should way more confidence then awkwardly waiting for him to make the move and/ or leve you on. That's not fair to you. You deserve to know completely. Sorry if my typing sucks I'm literally half asleep as we speak ! Hope that helps at a all? If it doesn't and he does break up with you then yah that sucks but at least you can move on with your life ya know?

    • Thanks :)

  • Ask him. Though from the sounds of it you guys are still together or he wouldn't be worrying

    • Do you have any ideas of how I can ask without sounding desperate?

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    • I got your point but the problem is that I'm not supposed to "know" his mom. Apparently she's too overprotective that he told her he wouldn't let her meet his girlfriends anymore. But he told her about me and she secretely looked up my number in his phone. So can't really refer to his mother

    • :s don't you find that a bit odd though?

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